Pyrenean Mastiff puppies are usually strong and healthy animals, but because of their size and extraordinary fast growth, they need to abide by some simple basic house rules.

    Ideally, the puppy knows from the beginning what his or her 'place' is. It may be a special corner, dry and protected or it may be a kennel with a detakchable wood floor at least four inches off the ground. An outdoor kennel should face south or east in most climates. Although Pyrenean Mastiffs grow very quickly, they are slow to mature. some of our giant friends behave as big puppies until they are two years old!

    Get them started on housebreaking from the beginning. They should be taught their place in the family hierarchy, to walk at the end of a leash without pulling, to avoid begging for food when you are eating, etc. In summary, you should teach them how to behave as early as possible! A well trained dog is so satisfying to own! The opposite can be big trouble. Training a dog is not difficult. As a general rule you need to buy only a good basic book on dog behaviour and training and possess a bit of common sense.


Cachorrita de la Tajadera del Tío Roy

    Aside from the Pyrenean Mastiff´s beauty and impressive appearance, the reason that they are becoming more popular around the world has to be their unequalled character. They can steal your heart, as they have stolen ours long ago.