Blasa Blasa de la Tajadera del Tío Roy

    We allow our puppies to go to their new owners at the age of eight weeks at the youngest. At his age, they have already been tattoed with the R.S.C.E. official number and fully vaccinated against parvovirosis, coronavirus, distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis. Thus we guarantee their freedom from disease for three weks after they arrive at their new homes.

    Granted that all our dogs are registered in the 'Libro de Orígenes Español' (L.O.E.) -Origins Spanish Book- and all they have their subsequent  pedigree, officially recognized by the 'Real Sociedad Canina de España' (R.S.C.E.) and the 'Federación Cinológica Internacional' (F.C.I.).

    Please, reserve your future puppy in good time. We have limited litters in a year. A living being is not anything subject to voluntarily production  at the moment.

    We would prefer you to come home to know your new Pyrenean Mastiff´s parents. But we could also deliver your puppy anywhere in the world. We have experience both on delivering puppies to any European or American city and handling the necessary proceedings in flights, airports, customs, health certificates, etc...

    The most important thing for us is our dogs to be happy and to make their new families happy.

    Rafael Malo Alcrudo